This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell

Hi all. Just a thought to help start your week.
This sign is mounted in one of many displays deep inside the U.S.S. Alabama. It represents a generation gone by. So many things were different for our nation 50 and 60 years ago, but one thing remains. Bread is essential to life.

Physically, we must eat to survive. Of course, bread tastes much better with something spread on it, but the fact remains that we need bread to live.

One of the many names for Jesus Christ is the “Bread of Life”. He is essential to life. This Bread is the key to everlasting survival! His Bread, and His alone, can guarantee you salvation and a place in Heaven.

Bread. It’s a simple thing. But without it, society could not survive. The same is true for the living Bread. Without Him, there is no life. Share the Bread with a starving world this week!

Just a thought. 

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