This Week’s Thought

by Brad Campbell

Just a thought to help start your week.

The Bible tells us that God’s people wandered in the desert wilderness for forty years as they awaited the time to enter their promised land.  While they wandered, they wondered.  They wondered ‘how’ and ‘why’ and ‘why not.’  They followed, then they didn’t.  They obeyed, then they didn’t.  It seems they had an awful lot of trouble being content.

Does that ever happen to you?  Sometimes we feel as if we are wandering in the desert wilderness of God’s abandonment, when actually we are the ones who have abandoned Him.

I took this picture of what I think is beautiful desert wilderness just outside Phoenix, Arizona.  Mountains are in the distance.  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be on a mountain any day than in the hot sand.  But between me and the mountains lay those hot sands, full of cactus and other such not-so-friendly growths.  The place is not very inviting.

Not inviting, that is, until you notice the pool of blue water right in the center.  No, it isn’t an oasis.  It is a real pool of water there in the midst of the desert landscape.

I can stand and focus on my week ahead and see the dirty parts.  I can stress out about the not-so-friendly parts and people.  I can see nothing but the things that make my walk hot and unpleasant.  OR, I can stop, gather my wits, focus on the cool water that awaits me and offers a refreshment like no other as I travel on toward the beautiful mountains at the end of my journey.

This week, choose to be content with the little pool of water and the mountains in the distance.  In doing so, you will find the strength to face the hot sands and cactus and any other unpleasant things on your path.  When you begin to wonder why you are wandering, focus on Him.  He makes the desert wilderness so much more beautiful.

Just a thought.

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