This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Perhaps you’ve traveled roads similar to the one in my picture this week.  The sunshine is streaming through the tree limbs.  It is a beautiful day for a ride.  The road seems to disappear underneath the protection of the big trees as it sneaks around the curve toward something we cannot yet see.

Now, imagine yourself behind the steering wheel of the car, and this is your view.  Perhaps you quickly realize that this is a very narrow road.  It is, in fact, just one lane.  And it is meant to only be traveled in one direction.  Thankfully, you are headed in the right direction.

Joshua, in the Bible book with his name, reminds God’s people that it’s time to make up our minds.  Which direction are we going to travel?  Are we going to follow the Lord, or are we not?  We are challenged there to make up our minds!

When you’re in a vehicle on a narrow-laned road such as the one pictured here, it would be very difficult to stop, turn around, and head in the opposite direction.  Yet sometimes, we are determined to do so anyway.  It would be so much simpler and easier if we just followed the Lord on His narrow path — even though we cannot see what’s coming around the next curve!

Life is a road.  I’ve discussed previously how we dodge pot holes or hit the speed bumps in life’s travels.  Those are all just a part of the traveling experience.  We deal with it, and we go on.

Why not just trust the Lord to lead?  Yes, the road is narrow.  It was meant to be.  Yes, it only leads in one direction.  That’s all we were meant to travel.  Yes, unknowns lie around the curve.  Ah, but if I knew everything I would find around the next bend in the road, what would be challenge of the ride?!

Buckle up.  Drive slowly if need be.  Enjoy the scenery and the Sonshine.  And enjoy the ride.  Trust Him to be your GPS.  It’s worth it!

Just a thought.

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