This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

I took this picture several years ago on a visit to Virginia City, Nevada.  I have pondered through the years what, if anything, I could say about it to make it useful for my sharing of these “thoughts,” and today I had a revelation – albeit a mild one at that!

This sign, as it states, is from the Bucket of Blood Saloon there in Virginia City.  It hangs above the main doorway of that establishment, where the building dates to 1876 and the business predates that by many years.  No, I have no comment on the saloon itself today.  What I want you to notice is the ‘bucket of blood.’

I have done some research into that particular name, and I haven’t found any definitive answer as to how it came about.  Apparently that business was a mild-mannered one compared to many like it.  But that bucket full of blood suddenly spoke to me today.  A bucket full.  A whole bucket full.  And yet limited to just that.

You see, this Christmas season, especially, reminds us of the birth of Christ.  Jesus came to this earth as the Son of God to be born a helpless babe, to live and grow as a man, to be rejected, to be scorned and spat upon, to be beaten mercilessly, and to die a horrible death on a rugged old cross perched high on Calvary’s hill.  And by doing so, He shed his blood for us.  He gave his life’s blood for you and for me.  It wasn’t just a few pretty blood droplets like those famous paintings portray.  It wasn’t just a trickle down his side.  It wasn’t even a bucket full!  It was His all!

My God loved me enough that He gave His only Son to die a cruel death, giving His life’s blood for me!  That’s the ultimate red color of Christmas.

Oh, if only we had even a bucket full of love and devotion for Him.

Wishing you and yours a bucket full this CHRISTmas season.

Just a thought.

Till later

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