This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Although Sunday is the first day of the week, most of us feel like Monday is the day that begins our week officially.  Every week has a Monday.  Sometimes those Mondays hit harder than at other times.  Think of it this way – without the storms, we wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine.  Without the bad days, we might not be thankful for the good ones.  Without those Mondays, we would never get to the Fridays.

Many folks look forward to Monday because it’s the beginning of something new, a new challenge, a new unknown.  Many others dread Mondays for those very same reasons.  Many folks spend their weekends this time of year on the water or in the woods, and Monday can seem like a let down.  Mondays also bring with them the realities of what was in the week past and what must now be dealt with again this week, and we cringe at the thought.  It’s probably true for other professions as well, but I’ve read that many pastors and church leaders resign on Mondays, having barely recovered, if at all, from the responsibilities or burdens of the previous day.

I’ve shown you pictures of our family cat, Patches.  She rules our roost, albeit outside the house.  Here she sits, eyes closed, shutting out the world.  I think she spends 22 of her 24 daily hours asleep.  The other two hours are either spent eating or begging for dinner.

Have you ever wanted to close your eyes and shut out the world?  Certainly you have.  We all have.  But then what?  Sooner or later we must open our eyes and get back to reality.  I think that’s what Monday is really about.  Opening our eyes, getting back to the reality of a world that is lost and going to hell without Jesus.  We’ve worshipped together, prayed together, and encouraged one another.  Now it’s time to open those eyes wide, face Monday (or whatever day you’re reading this), and get busy.

There’s no time to drag around and belly ache about last week and its problems.  If they’re important enough, they’ll follow us into this week.  If not, then leave them right where they fell.  And remember that Mondays are easier to face when we do it together!

Just a thought.

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