This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

 Just a thought to help start your week.

Once in a while, I do something I’ve never done before.  This past weekend was one of those occasions.  We celebrated the wedding of our middle daughter to the love of her life!  I snapped this picture Saturday afternoon before any of the official photos were made, before any of the guests arrived, and before the prospective bride and groom had experienced their “first look” moments.

The location was quiet, the weather was beautiful, and all of these chairs sat empty, facing a large beautiful arrangement of her requested flowers.  Now, firstly, as her father, I will remind you that none of my three are any more special than the others.  However, the middle one has a little different story to tell.  She entered the world three months too early and tipped the scales at only 2 pounds, 4 ounces before losing a few ounces to just below that two pound mark.  That whirl wind of time in our lives was one we will never forget.  And one of the main reasons that is true is that we were reminded daily that God was in control.  He showed up and showed out in many ways over our little one’s first months.  —  And He has continued to do so in her life.

One of my mother’s first comments was that “God has something special in store for her!”  She has pursued her dreams in education and employment.  She has fallen head over heels, not just for the boy, but for his calling and ministry, which we all believe has become hers as well.  And Saturday she married the man to whom we witnessed her engagement exactly one year earlier to the day.  The wedding, from decorations, people involved, food, music, and excitement, was all exactly what the two of them wanted, and, oh, it showed!  What an great time.

Why am I sharing all this?  Those chairs went from empty to nearly three hundred in a short time.  The venue went from quiet to rattling with music and dancing in no time (yes, she got her old Daddy out there on the floor!)  And even though some of our dear folks got stuck in traffic miles away and never made it, the show went on.

Stumbles come in our lives.  Sometimes we show up too early.  Sometimes, perhaps, we never show up at all.  And yet, God always does!  No matter how the situation looks or is perceived by others, God has His plan in store – a plan that is certainly “something special.”  My challenge to us this week is to take a deep breath, let go of all those things we cannot control, and let God show out.  I’ve mentioned in some of my online writing already that the one song sung at the wedding was “The Goodness of God.”  We worshipped Him as our family gained a son.  We will continue to worship Him until the day He calls His bride home for the wedding celebration!  Wow, what a party that will be!  You’ve been invited.  Have you returned your R.S.V.P.?

Just a thought.

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