This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

We did a little exploring on foot in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on our summer road trip.  The historical significance of some of what we saw rivals that of what we’ve visited in Washington, D.C. on several occasions.  And what you see here is Independence Hall.

We’ve just celebrated the Christmas season.  We are heading into a new year of 2022, completely unaware of what all it may hold.  And yet, this new year’s dawn will not be unlike all the others we have experienced in our lifetimes.  They all come with uncertainties, with plans and resolutions, and with hearts full of wonder (sometimes called anxiety!), too.  We don’t know what we face.

But isn’t that the whole point?  If we knew what tomorrow held, there would be no wonder.  There would be no planning and preparations.  There would be only complacency and dullness if we knew all there is to know.

In NOT knowing, we are fully, completely, wholly dependent upon the One Who guides, guards, and delivers us one day at a time!  

Philadelphia’s Independence Hall is representative of the work that went into the great freedoms our country enjoys.  My dependence upon the Lord is representative of the work that went into the great freedom I enjoy as a child of the King!

What do the days ahead promise us?  They promise that if we will be dependent upon Him, He will show us the way.

Just a thought.

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