This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

An old window in an old house down an old dirt road, telling of the old days.  I don’t remember my thoughts at the time I took this picture, but I do find it interesting that all of the old original glass in this window remains intact.

Here in the side wall of a grand old abandoned house is this dusty window.  Its panes are somewhat wavy.  It hangs in a frame covered with flaking paint and in need of caulking.  At one time this window, like many others, would have been raised to let in a cool summer’s breeze.  And those of us who have lived in old frame houses such as this will understand that the same window, in its closed tight position, somehow always let in winter’s cool breezes as well!

This window allowed the residents to peer outward into the yard to watch the neighbors or the occasional traffic coming down the dirt road.  The same window, with curtains and sashes pulled back, would have allowed the occasional passerby to gaze inward and observe a family sitting down to dinner or a child attempting to chase the beloved pet back outside.

Windows keep in the heat or cold, and yet they also keep out the heat or cold.  Windows allow you to see outward, and they also allow you to see inward.  The window protects but also allows some interaction.

If you compare this window to the Word of God, you might find some similarities.  The Bible allows one to see inwardly and address the needs of the soul, while it also allows one to see outwardly and apply it to a world much bigger than our little space at home.  The Word protects me from the evils of the world, and yet it gives me insight into the same things so I can be better prepared when they happen to come my way.  Through the divinely inspired Scriptures, I can see God.  And perhaps even the most beautiful thought is that He looks down, sees me through the old wavy crookedness, cracks, flaking paint, and draftiness of my life and loves me anyway!

What will He see when He looks through your window this week?

Just a thought.

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