This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

In today’s virus-filled world (both physically & spiritually), we have come to accept the unusual as normal, the weird as okay, and the difficulties as not-so-bad.  We have made changes and adaptations and have written them off, reassuring ourselves that it won’t always be this way.  

One major change, at least the way I see it, has been in our worship styles, settings, and especially schedules.  Many churches made major changes to their gathering practices.  Many cut back on ministry programs and events.  Some churches ceased to meet at all.  And strangely enough some never slowed down.  Why the differences?  Why have God’s people, of all people, seemed so very scattered over the last year?  I’m not sure there is a very clear answer.

This church building, Christ Church Cathedral, with its grand architecture, sits in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.  This church has seen many changes in its two hundred years of existence and ministry in downtown St. Louis.  God’s church as a whole has experience many changes as well.

But one thing of which we can always rest assured is that God has not changed!  Our church buildings differ from each other.  The locations – city or country, one room or cathedral-like, are all different.  Our strong rural church was blessed to have had forty folks present for worship this past Sunday.  Some others around us were grateful to have their regular six in attendance.  And still others, filled with two hundred plus, were missing many who weren’t there.
The differences?  People.  People change.  God does not.  Repeat that to yourself.  People change.  God does not.  The world is changing, and our places, means, and opportunities of ministry all change.  But God does NOT.
In a world of constant change right now, praise God that He remains steady as the Rock He is – the Rock on which any God-fearing, Bible-believing & teaching church, regardless of size or architecture, is built.
Just a thought.

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