This Weeks Though

Just a thought to help start your week.
One of my favorite childhood stories was the “Three Billy Goats Gruff.” In that little tale, of Norwegian roots, an old troll lives under a bridge, and three little goats want to cross “his” bridge so they can get to the hillside grass to eat.

The goats in my picture were pets of our former neighbor a few years ago. One thing most people know about goats is that they like to eat pretty much anything that gets in their way! (Or at least, they’ll chew on it and try.) Goats can be gentle fun little pets, but they can be stubborn and strong, and will certainly go after whatever they want.

In the fairy tale I mentioned, the goats are persistent, they are eventually able to do away with the old troll, and they go on to eat so much that they stuff themselves.

Now, I’m not going to call any of us and “old goat,” and I’m not even going to say that any of us tend to eat like goats! What I want us to see is that we can be just as stubborn and bull-headed as those goats. But, if we channel that energy, zeal, and determination, we can conquer the old trolls of this world, we can cross any rattling bridge that comes before us, and we can feed to our heart’s content on what the Lord has in store for us on yon hillside!
Sometimes we can relate to the old troll. Sometimes we can relate to the goats. Perhaps there’s a little of both in us. Moral? Well, if you’re a goat, keep strong, go after what lies ahead, and conquer the obstacles in your week. If you’re a troll, it’s simple. Quit fussing at old goats. It will get you nowhere!
Just a little humorous thought.

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