This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

What you see here is a group of sea gulls.  You might recognize the gulls simply because you know your birds.  Or you may be privileged enough to be near areas where the sea gulls are commonly seen.  For those who did not know, just trust me.  These are definitely sea gulls.

Sea gulls may be recognizable simply because of where they are found — near the water, sea, ocean, etc.  A woodpecker is normally seen near a tree.  A buzzard is probably near some other dead animal.  A fish is probably near the water.  A custodian is usually seen with cleaning materials.  A preacher is normally seen around the church.  A drunk is normally near the alcohol.  A professional dancer is normally found near the dance floor.  Acorns are found near the oak tree.

The point is, many animals, items, and even people are normally recognized simply because of where they are found.  

If you are titled, labeled, named, or recognized because of where you are this week, what will the label be?  As Christians, we are to guard our hearts and minds, and that includes guarding our whereabouts and our actions as well.

There are days I would love to simply be recognized as a beach bum.  But that likely won’t happen when I live about four hours from the nearest beach.  As a Christian, I hope and pray to be recognized as a useful, faithful, loving witness in the middle of a hurting world.  That’s how I would truly love to be seen this week.

How will your relationship with the Lord be recognized this week?

Just a thought.

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