This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

I tend to get a little sentimental from time to time.  I was scanning through several old vacation photos and ran across this one of our girls from several years ago.  At the time, our eldest was our only teenager.  The girls were in one of their all-time favorite places — the beach.

The Gulf Coast, where our eldest actually now lives, has always been one of their choice places to visit, and this trip was no exception.  Later in the day, sun not so hot, wind blowing through their hair, and the waves coming up to meet them on the shore, the girls waded in water cool and soothing enough to make anyone forget the troubles of their day.

Waves come and waves go, but they are always there.  Each one is different, some more powerful than others, but all having the potential ability of washing away anything in their path.

As you face another week ahead, you probably cannot take off for a quick beach get-a-way, but you can “wade out a little bit deeper.  Step into the water of His love,” as the old song goes. It has the power to wash away all your sins and make you new once again.

One particularly neat thing about the waves is that they will always be there.  Our youngest is barely 8 in this photo.  This spring, she will graduate from college.  The waves keep rolling, always there.  The water is always cool.  Always soothing.  Always with the potential to wash away your every care.  Give your cares to the Master of the Sea today.

Just a thought.

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