This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

I’m sure there are signs like this all over our nation, but I saw this one just outside Carson City, Nevada.  The sign warns of the possibility of bears crossing the road at this location.  Now for those of us who would rarely see such wildlife, the possibility of seeing bears is exciting, especially if you see them from inside your safe vehicle!

This sign, like others you see and others I’ve shared, is a warning.  We are warned that we might see bears.  A railroad crossing sign warns you that there might be a train.  A weather forecast like the one we had where I live warns that we might have some snow.

We might.  We might see a bear, but we drive on.  We might encounter a train, and yet we ride the road anyway.  We might have to stop along the way, but we drive while we can.  We might get some snow, but we don’t sit and wait for it.

Do you turn off the television because you might hear an ugly word?  Do you go to one store instead of another because of who you might see there?  Do you skip out on life because you might run into a problem along the way?  Are we missing out because we might have to face a difficulty?

May I encourage you to keep on keeping on?  Smile at someone today.  You might get one in return.  Visit a neighbor today.  You might drive down a road full of God’s precious scenery.  Go to church.  You might receive a blessing.  Get up off the couch.  You might feel better.  Live your life today.  You just might find out it’s a great day to be alive!

Don’t stress out just because something “might” happen.  Trust in the “might” and power of God to get you through!

Just a thought.

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