This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Have you ever visited a lighthouse?  Have you ever climbed to the top of one?  The historic Tybee Island Lighthouse sights on Tybee Island, Georgia, the eastern terminus for U.S. Highway 80.  The island is filled with little shops and beach homes and condos.  And of course, the lighthouse still stands.  Once used to warn vessels at sea, the lighthouse can be visited as a tourist attraction now, along with the nearby museum.

On one such visit, I climbed to the top of the lighthouse.  One of the views I had from up there is the one you see here.  I was looking east over those homes to the Atlantic Ocean.  

The lighthouse is such a simple example of what the Christian is to be in this world.  Especially now, in this holiday season of one of the weirdest years many of us have yet to experience, we need to shine the light of Christ to warn others of the impending doom of continuing in the darkness.

Just as a keeper once made sure the lights were always operational atop that old lighthouse, we are to keep the light of Christ and of the Christmas season burning all year long.  Lives depend upon being able to see the light!  One of my late father-in-law’s favorite songs was one called “The Lighthouse”.  A southern gospel favorite, the song spoke about that old lighthouse that still stands up there on the hill.  

Stand strong.  Shine brightly.  Choose to make a lasting difference in the lives of those you meet this holiday season.

Just a thought.

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