This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Although dark and a little blurry, maybe you can tell that this is a picture of a possum (or an opossum, depending on your vocabulary).  This is actually a young possum, judging by its size.  I’ve seen some in our yard that are larger than our cat.  This little fellow is perched on a window ledge at the back of our house, peeking in at us.

Strange looking as it is, it is relatively harmless.  They do aggravate me (and the cat), because they like to eat the cat’s food.  But these creatures love to eat mosquitoes, so I honor them for that!

This peeking possum is peering through the pane, pondering perhaps the people perched inside.  Curious, maybe, of what life is like on the other side of the glass.

How many times in our lives do we peek over on the other side, wondering what it must be like.  Sitting so close, yet so far away, we look through the glass at those who seemingly have fewer troubles, more fun, more money, and less aggravation, and we long for that side of the glass.

God created possums to stay outdoors, on their side of the window pane.  This little fellow is where he is because God put him there.  And the Lord does the same with you.  Whether it’s “greener grass” on the other side of the fence, or “brighter things” on the other side of the window pane, don’t let yourself be fooled by the fools who attempt to fool you into feeling inferior.  Ponder if you must.  Peek, even.  But praise God that he placed you where He did for a much bigger purpose than coveting your neighbor’s privilege.

Perhaps I’m picking on the poor possum.  But he’s much safer on his side of the glass, and so, thank the Lord, am I.  You aren’t a possum.  You’re a people.  Praise Him for your place in this world.

Just a (playful) thought.

Till later,

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