This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

You may look at my picture and see a set of stepping stones.  Each stone is placed on the ground, one after the other, to give aid in going from one location to another.  You step on the stones to keep out of the wet grass, ant hills, or any stray pet deposits that always seem to show up when they are least expected.  The stones give guidance to your walk.

You may look at the picture and instead think “path”.  This, too, is correct.  A pathway has been put into place for the same reasons listed above.  But, to me, a pathway also describes a longer walk than where stepping stones may take you.

A pathway seems like a way to travel, sometimes alone, through obstacles, trees, or over rocky terrain.  A pathway is a road that is chosen, not necessarily because of what it holds, but because of the final destination awaiting us at the other end.

Every day presents a choice for us.  Do we choose the simple little stepping stones, flat and easy enough, but placed there only to keep us out of the unnecessary and unpleasant?  Or do we choose the pathway, the way that will lead us where we are meant to be for the week ahead?

I may be picking this apart too much, but as you think about those two options for your week ahead, also think about the ones who may be traveling alongside you.  Where would you rather take them, lead them, have them follow?  Just a stone or two, or a pathway that can truly lead you through the day?

“He will direct your paths.”  Let that be your deciding factor.


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