This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Some of you probably have pictures similar to this, or you’ve at least seen them.  This is our last name, but represented by photos of different objects for each letter.  This and the cross you see as well are hanging on our living room wall.

Now I don’t need my name plastered on my wall in order to remember who I am.  But our name is displayed with the cross that represents His Name.  For my name (me, myself, and I) is nothing without His Name.  Without Him, I truly am nothing.

Our church choir has recently been practicing a song entitled “Your Name,” and I woke up with the words going through my head this morning.  “Your Name is a strong a mighty tower.  Nothing has the power to save but Your Name!”

There is no power in the name of Campbell.  In fact, the original meaning of that name is “crooked mouth.”  Oh, but His Name!  His Name is the reason I’m alive today and forever.  My name displayed along with His.  The wall is complete.  Nothing else is displayed there.  Who do you and your name represent this week?

Just a thought.

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