This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

A farmers market is always an interesting place to visit.  You might see any number of home grown vegetables and produce like these pictured here.  This particular market in the Pacific northwest was full of home grown veggies, fresh breads, homemade soaps, handcrafted woodwork, and live music, among other things.  Everything on display or for sale had to do with the work of someone’s dedicated hands.

The kiddos are headed back to school.  Many little ones will be in new classes with new teachers and meeting new friends.  But there are always those who seem to have a tougher time making friends, fitting in, or adjusting to new surroundings.  I’m also aware of a couple of friends who are beginning new jobs, perhaps facing the same things our little friends will in the school setting.

Perhaps they each just need a touch from someone’s dedicated hands.  The children depend on us to help show them the way, teach them right from wrong, and be there for them when troubles arise.

Aren’t you thankful that we serve a God Who so lovingly does all of that for his precious children?  We are products of the greatest farmers market ever, handcrafted by the Master, on display for the world to observe.  Put your best foot forward this week, helping others along the way, always thankful for Father Farmer’s loving care.

Just a thought.

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