This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

I’m not sure that what’s happening here could be considered a staring contest.  However, it certainly seems as if there is some type of unspoken communication taking place between the little deer and the horse in my neighbor’s pasture.

As you begin another new week, have you taken time to communicate with the Father?  You no doubt have plans.  Some of those plans will require much thought and effort.  Have you talked with Him about His will for the days ahead?

Sometimes we may feel like this little deer – small, insignificant, and unsure of the words to pray to One Who is so much bigger than you or I.  In those moments, words aren’t even necessary.  Look to the Father.  Focus on Him and allow Him to hear from your heart.

This world is a mighty big pasture for one like me.  But if I can keep it all in perspective by looking to Him, it will be a great week!

Just a thought.

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