This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

I took this picture several years ago in New Orleans.  The city of New Orleans, LA, is quite a place – filled with all the sights & sounds you can imagine.  There is good food, good music & entertainment, and interesting people.  However, one memory that makes me chuckle each time is that the most lasting impression my young daughters have of New Orleans is that “it stinks!”

We walked quite a bit around the Bourbon Street area and out to Jackson Square, and that was their main summary – “it stinks”.  Even in the fun, excitement, food, music, etc., there was the lingering smell of who-knows-what all around us.

Life is full of great opportunities from food & fun to people & places, but for some strange reason we seem to focus on the “stink” around us.

Instead of letting the tough parts of life affect how you view your week ahead, how about just dealing with the stink of it all and enjoying all the wonderful blessings and opportunities the Father has provided for you!

Praying you have a “stink-free” week ahead!  (And if you’re ever in New Orleans, try some fried alligator!  That’s one of the good memories!)

Just a thought.

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