This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

These two fellows were part of our church’s Vacation Bible School crowd this past summer.  They were a source of entertainment for us, but they were also a source of information as well.  They helped tell our Bible stories.

You know, of course, that a puppet is only as good as its master.  A puppet will only go or do or “say” the things that the controller will allow.

Picture yourself as a puppet this week.  And as a puppet, you are at the will and the mercy of the one you let control your day.  The puppeteer will either be the devil, and your days will be at his whim, or the puppeteer will be the Lord, and His plan will become yours.

Regardless of what or who becomes your master, you automatically fall under the will and the control of that master.

So, puppet, who will be your master puppeteer in the week ahead?  To whom will you relinquish the control of yourself, allowing yourself to be led along at their mercy?  Unsure?  Try letting the Lord guide your week.  Sometimes the puppet show is funny, sometimes extraordinary, but always meaningful, and always for His good.

Just a thought.

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