This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Do you ever look at a situation, a person, a news story, etc., and simply wonder, “Why?”  Well, this week, as I searched my photos for one to share with you, I ran across this one.  Last Spring, we were blessed to gather with a group of my wife’s family members on both sides and have a reunion.  In the middle of all the pictures of cousins was this photo of someone’s ham and cheese tray.

My first thought was, “Why?”  I didn’t take the picture.  Someone was snapping photos with my camera.  Why would there be a picture of the ham and cheese tray?

However, in the wondering of “why?”, comes the remembrances of a great day, wonderful visits, very good food, and a happy time.  So while I might not know just why someone borrowed my camera to snap a photo of the ham & cheese, it was a reminder of the good and savory time from a deliciously wonderful day.

In beginning a new year, we sometimes can only seem to focus on the people and things of last year that didn’t make it to this one.  As tough as that certainly can be, perhaps instead of focusing on the “Why?”, we can focus on the deliciously wonderful memories of times gone by.

As you kick off your new year, be thankful for the memories that push us on, be thankful for the new ones we plan to make this year, and accept the fact that even if we don’t know why the ham & cheese is there, we do know it was good!

Corny, maybe.  but sweet anyway.

Just a thought.

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