This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

As 2018 draws to a close, we of course look for the new year of 2019 to quickly arrive.  As that new year arrives, many folks make resolutions.  Some just vow to do differently.  Most of us hope and pray for great days ahead.

This week’s picture is of a heron on the pond behind our house.  I chose this picture for you this week because it was the very first picture I took on my camera in 2018.  The last picture I’ve taken this year is of a Christmas gathering of our family.

The heron stands tall as it closely watches the water for its next meal, anticipating all that is ahead.  He pictures a good new year’s start – taking care of needs, but at the same time, looking ahead in awe as to what will come next.

My last photo for the year, a gathering of many of my family members, does not necessarily represent an end to anything.  Rather, it celebrates all that we have been throughout the year – family, friend, supporter, prayer partner, hero.

As you end a year and begin another, I pray that your visions of what is past are good ones and that you can lean on those precious memories with great fun and admiration for the time shared and the blessings received.  Then, as you look ahead, I pray that you will look to the Lord for the strength to stand tall, no matter what, eagerly anticipating the next blessing, knowing that God will always provide!

Blessings on your 2019!

Just a thought.

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