This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

The holiday season is upon us.  What is it that you want for Christmas?  It might be some material item, or it might be some inanimate object.  It might be a new 98 inch mega large wall-size high definition clear screen changes-the-channels-all-by-itself television.

This simple photo of a friend’s house from a couple of years ago shows the damage and destruction that can come in an instant to our material things.  Storms come and go in many forms.  Thieves break in and steal.  Items are lost or misplaced.  And those once-important things remain just things.

My prayer for each of us this wonderful Christmas season is that we will stop and reflect on what is most important.  Are the children safe?  Will we be together for the holidays?  Are we enjoying relatively good health & happiness?  Those things are treasures indeed.

In this world where material things can and will fade so quickly, be thankful for the “un-material” blessings.  God is so good and gracious to each one of us.  Treasure what truly matters, and share the love of God with those who seem to be missing the point every single day.

Just a thought.

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