Just a thought to help start your week.

We have adjusted our clocks to reflect the time change.  Autumn has officially arrived.  Just look around you at all the beautiful mums in a variety of colors, such as this bright yellow one.

I don’t know why this particular plant is called a ‘mum’.  Perhaps someone looked at one and said, “Mmmmm, that looks pretty,” and the ‘mmmm’ eventually turned into ‘mum’.  Or maybe some kid said, “Hey Mum, I like your pretty flowers!”

Well I doubt either of those scenarios is really true.  But regardless of why this plant is called a mum, may it never be that we Christians are called mum.  We should be quite the opposite – speaking up, speaking out, and making a difference in this world.

There is no time to be mum!  We have an increased urgency to share the Good News with the world around us – a world so dark most days that it desperately needs to see the light.

Enjoy the bright mums this fall season.  But even more so, pledge with me – No more mum!  I have a story to tell!  And folks are truly dying to hear it.

Just a thought.

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