This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

I took this photo in the town of Amboise, France, after walking a steep city street past a castle and many small homes.  Near the top of the hill sat this beautiful home with its nicely manicured lawns and adornments.  It is a beautiful house.

But just a house it is.  What makes this particular house special is knowing to whom it belonged.  You see, this was the last home of Leonardo DaVinci.  We all “oooed” and “ahhhed” as we took our turns posing in by the front door for photos.  But it truly is just a house.

Let me pause here by reminding you, as Mr. Fred Rogers would have said from his Neighborhood, “You are special.”  But, truly, as a child of God, what makes us more special than any other characteristic we may have is knowing to whom we belong.

You see, as a Christian, I know that the Lord lives in my heart.  He calls it His dwelling place, meaning He set up camp there and he intends to stay.

As you face another busy week ahead, remember to Whom you belong.  Remember Who has taken up residence in you, and pause to let the world see Him in you.  They will be blessed.

Just a thought.

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