This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

How do you get around?  Do you use a private car?  Bus?  Train?  Maybe a bicycle is all you need.  Whatever the mode of transportation, most of us make use of at least one on a daily basis.

This particular carriage has recently been part of an exhibit at the History Museum of Mobile, Alabama.  You can tell by looking at the carriage that it was once a very nice way to travel!  The posted information for the exhibit reads, “Rockaway or Brougham Carriage.  John S. Atwater and Sons, a popular 19th century carriage manufacturer for the wealthy planters in northern Mississippi and Alabama, built this carriage.  It once served as the State Carriage of Gainesville, AL.”

I thought this was particularly interesting because the quaint little town of Gainesville, located in the county in which I live, was once the third largest town in the state.  It was also the home of Alabama’s first native-born Governor John A. Winston.  Perhaps he once rode in this carriage – or at least a similar one!

Too many times we look back at the past and think that the good times have already come and gone, never to be ours again.  But the mistake we Christians make is that our best times are yet to come!  When the day comes that my Heavenly Father transports me Home, the beauty of this grand old carriage will pale greatly in comparison to the way He will transport me!

Getting ready for a fabulous ride!  Come along!

Just a thought.

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