Just a thought to help start your week.

This is the kind of road that I like to leisurely travel.  There is no traffic.  It’s only wide enough for one vehicle.  It seems peaceful.  And, because it isn’t easy to see around the next curve, there is always a sense of adventure.  Perhaps we could call it the road less traveled.

I make it a point to take advantage of those times when I can venture off of the main road, even for just a little while, and experience someplace new to me.  I have seen some beautiful countryside that way.  I’ve run across abandoned churches sitting beside immaculate cemeteries.  I’ve found ages-old log homes tucked away behind the hillside kudzu.  Because I’ve taken the opportunity to explore, I’ve gotten to see and experience some things in God’s world that I would not have otherwise, had I stayed on the main highway.

Life takes us barreling down the path toward success, fame, fortune, happiness and disappointment.  Yet, when we take the time to glance around, not so very far away from our regular routes and routines, we might be privileged to find an adventure just right for us.

As you begin yet another busy week ahead, my prayer for you is that God will give you the opportunity to venture off the beaten path this week.  Maybe you’ll find that peaceful spot you’ve been longing for.  Maybe you’ll travel for miles never meeting another vehicle.  Maybe you’ll see nothing at all, and enjoy it because your life has been so full.

Whatever you find, may your week be one of rolled-down windows, turned up radios, sunshine, and a moment to explore the blessings in God’s world.

Just a thought.

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