This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

I dug out an old picture for this week.  My girls can get back at me later.  These three beauties are what makes life grand for my wife and me.  But look at how young they are in this picture!

Time flies.  Years pass.  Holidays come and go.  School requirements are met.  Graduation ceremonies are held.  Aisles are walked.  And life goes on.  But where did it go?  One is about to get married.  One is graduating college and about to begin graduate school.  One is completing her first year of college.  The house is too quiet.

But as I think on these things, I am reminded of just how truly blessed a man I am.

Look around you this week.  Enjoy every moment with those you love.  Take time to carry on a conversation with the 96-year-old “last one living” baby-of-the bunch who braves an 8-hour car ride to attend the family reunion.  Share a moment to discuss the family photos with the one who knows everyone in the picture but can’t remember their names.  Chase down the soon-to-be grown-up 4-year-old who giggles every time you get near, and give her a big bear hug.

Take advantage of every God-given moment this week to cherish the ones you love and to love on the ones you cherish.  Time passes too quickly.  All too soon the house will be quiet.  Don’t waste a minute.  We love and honor the Lord by loving and honoring those around us, and then, once again, we are reminded just how truly blessed we really are.

Just a thought.

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