This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

The photo that shows a fence row in the foreground was made in the countryside of Sumter County, AL, near the town of Gainesville.  It shows simple yellow flowers, probably weeds, but beautiful.  The other photo, with the green pasture in the background, was made in the countryside of France.  It shows a field of canola, from which we get canola oil.  Both fields are bright and beautiful, but they are in quite different places and serve quite different purposes.

Take a moment, or longer if necessary, to look at those ever-so-familiar coworkers and friends around you this week.  They may look very similar, but they may be in a very different place.  What I mean is this – We never know what another person is really going through.  Be kind.  Be patient.  Be compassionate.  Love your neighbor as yourself this week.  All may seem bright and wonderful on the outside, but they may be going through (and growing through) some very different dirt.

Shine brightly for those around you this week, knowing that we all grow in different places.

Just a thought.

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