This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Tis the season for the geese.  Or at least it is at my house.  Canadian geese visit the pond behind our house yearly.  They usually come in pairs, but here you see just one lone goose standing at the water’s edge.  One lone goose.  Alone?  Yes.  But lonely?  I’m not sure.  However, because I know they are usually in pairs, I took notice of this one standing alone.

People need companionship.  We were not created to be left alone.  We need the love and support from our neighbors and friends, and they, in turn, need ours.  Sure, we all need some alone time, but we need the companionship even more.

This morning, I read of a gentleman who was just found in his home.  The police reported that he had been deceased for a “few years”!  His own neighbor stated that he had not seen the man in two years and would not have checked on him if the deceased gentleman’s nephew had not called to ask him to do so.  In two years, no family or neighbors had checked on this man.  What a sad thing to happen.

God brings people to our minds for a reason.  Check on them.  Visit them.  Send a card, an email, a “thinking of you” note of some kind.  We are to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Be a good neighbor this week.  If you don’t, who will?

Just a thought.

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