This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Isn’t it wonderful when our week clicks right along without any distractions?  If you are like me, distractions come and go throughout the course of the normal day.  Sometimes those distractions are just that — things that take us away from the necessary task at hand and that prevent us from focusing on what is most important.  But sometimes those distractions are meant to take us away from the everyday take-it-for-granted routines and make us see or spend time with something (or even someone) else.

This beaver dam didn’t just pop up over night.  This structure likely appeared gradually and then grew in size over the course of several days or even weeks until what began as a small interruption in the water’s flow has now brought the flow to a complete stop.  But this beaver dam – this hindrance, if you will – has also done something else.  It has created two resting pools of water where insect populations now thrive.  These insects have attracted more birds, more frogs, and more turtles into the habitat.  Each creature is now depending on another to help sustain its existence.

All of this activity – all of this life – began with the introduction of one hindrance.  As you begin a new week, greet your hindrances with an appreciation for what new things or people they may be bringing into your life.  Enjoy the hindrances.  Those very things that “block” your progress today may very well be keeping you from some greater harm further down stream.

Just a thought.

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