This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Is your cup half full, or is it half empty? One of those two perspectives is ultimately how each one of us look at things. Are you a “Woe” person, or a “Wow” person? Are you thankful to have opened your eyes this morning, or are you moaning that the day is too long already?

I believe our perspective makes a world of difference in how we see things. Take these two little turtles, for instance. Look especially at the one on the right. What do you see? Is that turtle hanging on for dear life? Is he about to give up on things and jump off? Or does he seem to be stretching in order to enjoy the sunshine?

Of course, neither turtle has done anything quickly, as is evidenced by the moss growing on their backs! But they have been on the move. No turtle reaches the top of any tree stump without making the effort to climb up. He must look up, and then climb up, in order to enjoy the sunshine.

This week, look up! Climb up! And even if the rest of the world thinks you look like you’re just hanging on, stretch toward the Son, basking in His warm embrace.

How does your week ahead look? It’s all about perspective. Keep it that way.

Just a thought.

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