This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Thanksgiving week gave most of us plenty of time to reflect on the people, places, and experiences for which we are most thankful.  Perhaps your house or the one in which you gathered was bustling with noise and activity.

The little house you see here was built by my youngest when she was 7, and it withstood all the holiday excitement and celebrations.  But sooner or later, that cookie house crumbled, and all of its parts, as cute as they had been, were tossed into the trash.

I pray that as you enter this year’s holiday season, especially Christmas, you will take time to examine you own house.  That could include your physical house, as you check for safety concerns while hooking up rows and rows of lights.  It could include your family, as you check in with everyone, perhaps calling or writing those you won’t get to see in person this year.  But it could also include your own spiritual house — your heart.

As you prepare for Christmas, are you really preparing?  Is your heart focused on the true reason for the season?  Do you really have the peace that passes all understanding?  If not, then what better time to focus on the love of Jesus Christ than by focusing on the celebration of His birth.

May your CHRISTmas season and your house be as full of joy as is your heart.

Just a thought.

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