This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you absolutely didn’t care?  You felt so low that you didn’t care what happened next, and you felt like no one else cared either? I pray you’ve never felt this way, but sadly many people do at times.

I snapped this photo of my youngest as we ventured into Georgetown on our most recent D.C. trip.  We had enjoyed a full week and were all tired, and she chose this moment to rest — leaning against the post that clearly says “No Standing”.  At that moment, she didn’t care.

Very recently, I was put in touch with a young man who will never read this, and whom none of you will know, so I feel confident in sharing his story.  Simply, he felt as if all was lost.  Basically homeless, except for the kindness of one lone friend.  Wife ill and hoping for help from a disability filing.  Part-time work with not enough pay to take care of the basic bills.  Applying for help, but stuck in the waiting period.  Heartbroken because they can have no children.  Estranged family members because of a sad misunderstanding.  No car for transportation.  And the young man truly felt as if no one cared.  After a long afternoon, I still can only pray that I managed to convince him otherwise.

God always cares.  When it seems as if your world has fallen apart, God cares.  When it seems as if no one loves you or is concerned about what happens to you, God cares. When you seem as if you have nowhere else to go and you are crying for help, God cares.  And, God wants to use His children to show that caring love to a hurting desperate world around us.

Listen, someone is calling for help — right now.  Before it’s too late, introduce them to the One Who cares.

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