This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week.

Summertime vacation season is upon us, and many folks are taking to the highways and waterways in search of some great get-away.  There, much fun is had, lots of activities take up the day, and every day itself is full.

Do you ever come home from a vacation thinking that you need a vacation to get over the vacation?!  Rest is important, too.  Middle daughter and cat are resting here in my picture.  I’m not sure whether either of them has had an abnormally busy day, but it’s nap time, nevertheless.

Slow down before you miss the life that is flying right past your face.  Take a deep breath and realize that every day still contains twenty-four hours and not a minute less.  Look for ways to honor God with your busy-ness but also with your no-so-busy-ness.  In our down times, we can hear His voice more clearly, study and meditate more easily, and simply take a break from our self-imposed must-do life-or-death schedule of activities.

Shhhhh……  Listen closely.  He is here.  Take comfort.  Need a hammock to stretch out in? The cat probably won’t mind.  Come on over!

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