This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell –

Just a thought to help start your week. 

Last week, my wife and I took a trip (the reason you didn’t get one of these emails). Along with a great group of folks, we toured the “Ark Encounter” in northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati.  This built-to-scale and very much life-size replica of Noah’s ark is a true wonder to see.  For most of a day, we wandered the long corridors of the great ship where we learned of the Bible-time experiences of Noah and his family, visited with animals like iguanas, alpacas, and goats, and simply stood in awe in front of the massive door.

We “church folks” take time to study our Bibles, read our lessons, discuss things with one another, and listen to our pastor’s messages, and yet until we can see for ourselves, we don’t truly realize the magnitude of the story itself.  How were so many animals fed on a regular basis?  Where did all the “before-indoor-plumbing” waste go?  So many questions.

Our day’s journey left us each weary from walking, but awe-struck at the same time. God, in all His wonderful majesty, orchestrated an event so great that two of every kind of animal arrived to join the others, one family of eight people moved in with the creatures to care for them and live safely from the floods, and the rest of civilization was completely destroyed.

So what is my challenge for this week?  Don’t just read the Scriptures.  See the Scriptures. Try to wrap your finite mind around the work of our Lord God.  And as you walk among the regular worldly creatures this week, look up and take in the majesty of His protection that surrounds you on every side, guarding you from the rising waters, and carrying you to dry ground.  What a mighty God we serve!

Just a thought.

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