This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell – 

Just a thought to help start your week. 

I’ve shown you a few pictures from my trip to France.  This one is a busy street in Paris.  And, yes, many of the streets really are this narrow.  This particular street did not allow vehicular traffic, but we shared many very small streets with the cars zipping past us.  One could get a sense of the crowds and possibly a little claustrophobic. 

The Scriptures plainly teach us that the way to eternal life in Heaven is a narrow way, while wide is the path that leads to eternal destruction.  Narrow is the way.  And we are to share it with others!

The narrow way is to be enjoyed along the way.  Perhaps we missed many things on the wider Parisian streets by taking these narrow passages, but we got to see and experience so much more by doing this!

Don’t be concerned about what you might miss along the wide way.  Be concerned about those who have not yet joined you on the narrow way!  They are the ones who are missing out on the journey.  Share it with them!

Just a thought.

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