This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell

Just a thought to help start your week.

If you can read all the small print, you will see that this sign says “Jazz Funeral, where people are dying to come in”.  This place of business, located in the heart of New Orleans, puts a unique spin on the traditional funeral.  While you may not have thought much about your own funeral arrangements, some folks plan theirs in advance.

One particular funeral I officiated recently was one of those that had been planned long before, but it, too, had a unique spin.  There was no body, because it was donated for research.  We told funny stories, we shared happy memories, we sang favorite hymns, and we had a potluck lunch for everybody, because that is what this person planned and wanted!  And it was a glorious celebration of life!

You may not think of “jazzing” up your funeral, but why not?  As a Christian, that time should be a celebration of our life here and a rejoicing of the future set in eternity with our Heavenly Father!

Whether you are planning your funeral or not, you need to be preparing for that moment in time when you will leave this world.  Are you truly prepared to meet your Maker?  Have you given your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ?  Have you confessed your sins?  Forgiveness awaits!  And for the Christian, no jazzed up fun time here can even compare to the celebration that will take place when we meet our Master face to face.

Preparing for the Celebration, this is just a thought.

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