This Week’s Thought

By Brad Campbell

Just a thought to help start your week.

When we were kids, we enjoyed pretending to be someone else or somewhere else.  To pretend opened up new worlds and experiences!  Well, this morning I received notice from my particular social media profile that my account had been hacked.  Actually it said that someone had set up a fake account and was “pretending” to be me!  My first thought was, “How absurd!”  Why on earth would anybody pretend to be me, of all people?

I snapped this photo on a side street in the town of Tours, France, last summer.  I’m not sure Hell has a kitchen.  After all, food is a pleasure, and Hell has no pleasure.  But anyway, either the experience in this establishment is one to dread, or the food is pretty hot. Maybe they’re just pretending to be “hot stuff”. 

Too many people play pretend even into adulthood.  We put on fake faces to cover our feelings.  We pretend to enjoy a terrible job.  We pretend to be happy when inside we are hurting greatly.  We go to church and pretend to be a Christian when we have never given our heart to Jesus.

Whatever you’re choosing to cover up today, it’s time to quit pretending.  Let the Father know your hurts, your thoughts, you feelings, and your disappointments.  He’s a real God. He will be real with you.  Be real with Him.  Or continue pretending to be the Christian you know you really aren’t, and one day you can let the rest of us know just how hot Hell’s kitchen really is.

Just a thought.

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