What is fervor.net? A relevant and informative Christian youth website by Youthworks that publishes daily articles, reviews and video content for teens.  Who is Fervor for? 13-18 year olds who are Christians or are interested in learning more about a Christian worldview.

Godly Girls for God

Godly Girls For God has been in existence since 2004. What started out as a group of teenage girls writing devotionals and stories, God has used to reach girls of all ages and in many different places. GGFG is still dependent on volunteer writers for site content. We call these (mostly 11-24 year old girls) Site Writers.

Becoming Esther

Becoming Esther is inspired by the incredible story of Queen Esther in the Bible. Her story has impacted the lives of many Christian women. This generation is in desperate need of women of God like Queen Esther and that is why this ministry was started. Our mission for Becoming Esther is to encourage young women worldwide, to come to know Jesus as Lord and to discover their purpose through Him. We want this time of preparation for their future husbands and future callings, to be a time to strengthen virtue, build character and build a stronger foundation with the Lord.

Sage Ministries

Our mission is to reach, teach, and train young women to impact their communities and the world with the love of Christ.

Rave Ministries

Rave is a ministry created for girls by girls. We deliver our message with hands-on curriculum presented in a fun, interactive way. RAVE desires to create a community of girls through media, apparel, conferences, retreats, and more!

Deanna Bridges Ministries

Have you ever experienced teens ministering to kids in authentic worship, personal testimony, video and live music? It’s unique, it’s powerful, it’s relevant and its effective… and when you do all of that with the help of modern Media…we call it i-Shine. A Faith based ministry and media company that looks and feels a lot like a Christian version of  Disney.

Quest for Beauty

The Insatiable Quest for Beauty’s premiere national speaker, Tiffany Dawn, is one of the few speakers who has devoted her focus toward body image issues. Not only is Tiffany a relatable young women who establishes a deep connection with her audience, but her extensive research, poignant work experience, and graduate education have also made her a leading voice on this topic.

Christian Guys

The basis for Christian Guys Ministries really started back when I (Pastor Mike) was still in Bible college. On more occasions that I can remember I became the confidant of the guys in the dorms that were struggling with a lot of different issues but mostly with issues of pornography and the Internet. Some of the guys got caught by leadership at the school, some gave into other temptations and some just left altogether. Christian Guys was started because I hated to see the end result of their struggle. Guys not becoming what God had called them to be. They were in Bible college for a reason but because of the areas that they were weak in they lost the passion for the things that God called them to and replaced it for the passion of the world.


Why We Exist: We’re an award-winning ministry for Christian young adults who want to grow up, own their faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage and family. We know that life is a joinery, and some of your most important adventures are happening right now. It’s easy to get lost along the way, so we’d like to travel the road with you, and like a trusted friend or mentor, help you navigate the years ahead with biblical wisdom and intention.

MORF Magazine

MORF Magazine promotes spiritual devotion in teenagers by focusing on the spiritual health and depth of parents, youth ministers and youth workers. We encourage adults because the most significant factor in the sustained spiritual growth of a young person is a parent or mentor actively modeling personal devotion to Christ. It’s trickle down (spiritual) economics. A teen’s chances of remaining devoted to Christ increase exponentially if devoted adults pour into them.

The Rebelution

The true engine of The Rebelution has been the steady, long-term faithfulness of thousands of young people you’ve never heard of, quietly stepping outside their comfort zones, going beyond what is expected or required, investing their teenage and college years in undertakings of real and lasting consequence, and never backing down from hard things worth doing.

For Christian Teens

This is a website designed by you, for you. It’s a place where you can grow with God, and we can grow with God also. We can work together and support each other in our journey in faith. This is your website and together we will see what God has planned for us! We want your input on how we can make this work, and where we should go in the future. This is a space where we can all be used by God, and it’s not about what we want but what you want, and want to see. We really stand by 1 Timothy 4:12 – ‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity’.


For more than 40 years, Christ In Youth (CIY) has called students and leaders to boldly live for Christ through the hope of the Gospel message and a call to Kingdom action. By amplifying the call of Christ on student lives, three generations of servants, workers, missionaries and church leaders have responded to that call and populated the harvest field.

Set Apart Girl

Set Apart Girl® exists for the sole purpose of pointing women to Jesus Christ. We believe that a woman can only find true beauty, true fulfillment, and true purpose when she surrenders her life to the one true King. No matter what your age or season of life, Set Apart Girl® is designed to give you a vision for the beauty of Christ-centered femininity and equip you with the practical tools to live it out. We pray that this ministry will inspire you to take Christ’s hand and embrace the narrow road He has called you to walk, by His grace, and for His glory.