The Lord’s Recovery

The Lord’s Recovery includes explanations of the principle of recovery, the recovery related to God’s purpose, the role of the church, a picture of the recovery, a brief history of the recovery, and the recovery today. Also, there is information about the pre-reformation history, the reformation history, the post-reformation history and recovery, and the present recovery.

Fill the Void

We are here to proclaim to non-Christians the good news of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to set them free from the blinding, deceptive lies of Satan. Many people try to fill the empty void in their lives with other things; it may be relationships, drugs, sex, religion, occult practices, or other substitutes, but have found these things have not filled this empty longing. We here at “Fill the Void” Ministries have filled that void with the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and we want to share and proclaim the wonderful Gospel of His everlasting salvation to all who will read.